Jeremy Wills

Jeremy Wills



Jeremy is a Director and Head of the worldwide Masterplan and Urbanism team at Scott Brownrigg and joined in 2018.

He specialises in communicating the strategic Vision of a new place to inspire momentum and deliver success for many years into the future. Based upon the research and data, he and his team imagine and bring together innovative ideas. Jeremy has 18 years of experience designing successful destinations. He demands the highest quality urban design and masterplan design solutions from his team.

The Vision must be communicated clearly with reasoned energy for change to ensure a positive response. He and his team work with clients to understand their aims and amalgamate the strategic elements that enable a solution for a complex situation. Looking at Economic, Technological, Social and Physical solutions. 

Jeremy believes innovation and communication are vital to create momentum. He understands that varying types of communication are always required, that everyone engages differently, perhaps verbally or through detailed economic models or understanding a beautiful design illustrating a Vision solution, a drawn Masterplan, info graphics explaining layers, diagrams and visualisations.

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